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W. Bro. Brian Downes is seen below representing REMAP, which is a charity whose aim is to make and adapt equipment for disabled people to help make their lives easier. He was in attendance to present twelve jigsaws which had been specially made by the charity to be suitable for dementia sufferers. Each one being self- contained in its own folder which also served as a surface for the jigsaw to be completed on and contained a frame which holds the puzzle in place. Many of the jigsaws had pictures of older everyday items which may be used to stimulate memories for the user. Being made of plastic covered foam the puzzles could be sterilised. The charity had supplied the puzzles at cost to the Association and the Chairman David Leach presented W. Bro. Downes with a cheque from the Association thanking him for the generosity shown by the Charity REMAP in supplying the puzzles at cost.





W. Bro. Downes Thanks the Association

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