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The Association, which was established in 1973, is a registered charity entirely independent of the RMBI and consists of freemasons from the Provinces of Yorkshire West Riding, Yorkshire North and East Ridings and Lincolnshire, together with representatives from Castlegate Ladies. There are a set number of Members of the Executive Committee all of whom are put forward by their respective Provinces together with certain Co-opted Members who perform specific tasks within the Committee. Additionally the Manager and Entertainments Manager of Connaught Court are also Executive Committee Members. In addition to the Executive Committee there are also Life Members who become so by application and by paying a one off fee (currently a minimum of £10.00). Life Members are encouraged to attend the AGM of the Association and are able, should they so desire, to offer assistance by befriending and or assisting with the care of the residents.

The Association exists to provide extra comfort and a range of social, leisure and entertainment activities for the residents. We hold their welfare and happiness paramount in all that we do and also provide things that money just cannot buy. We raise funds in order to provide for goods and services which are without the remit of the RMBI. To that end we donate an annual sum for the provision of regular entertainments for the residents; we provide funds for one off items such as televisions, computers, sound systems, specialist furniture, garden furniture and a range of other items as required all of which are provided with a view of enhancing the wellbeing of the residents of Connaught Court. In addition to the foregoing the Association donates on a regular basis a specialist mini-bus for the use of the residents. Members of the Association also give of their time to assist in driving the mini-bus, counselling and befriending of the residents and also in providing a weekly shop to help to provide for the resident needs and requirements. All monies raised, with the exception of minimal administration costs, go directly to the residents of Connaught Court.


The Association raises funds by donation from Lodges, by donation to a Summer Fair which is held annually by way of ticket sales, by raising monies from stalls at the annual Summer Fair and by selling life membership of the Association, in addition to other events which are organised by the Association from time to time.

By taking out life membership which will entitle you to receive the minutes and agenda of the Annual General Meeting and to attend should you wish. By donating to the annual Summer Fair, either individually or as a Lodge, by asking your Lodge to make a donation to the Association from its Charitable Funds, by providing a stall for the Summer Fair, by volunteering to assist with the running of the Summer Fair.

Just a few hours of your time once a year can help to enhance the lives of the residents of Connaught Court all year

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